Pregnancy, Adoption, and BYU-Idaho

I’ve always been intrigued by those students whose life experiences come at such an early age, and Jordan was no exception. She went through what most haven’t nor ever will, and people such as her can often lend perspectives that those of us around her will never have.

How I found this story: Jordan Moon and I were both in a class together when she shared her story of when she became pregnant at such an early age. I was impressed by the fact that she was sharing this not just with me, but the entire class. Knowing the possible judgement she faces on a daily basis, I was impressed to speak to her about her experience being a young mother who had given her child up for adoption. I was worried that she might not want to share her story on this scale, but she turned out to be more than willing to talk about these matters and wants to speak about them with everyone.


Adoption Life — Adoption Life has two goals, help pregnant women who don’t want their child to choose adoption over abortion, and to help families looking to adopt find these women.

Adopt US Kids  — Adopt US Kids has the singular job of helping parents adopt children in the country, especially out of the large foster care system. Many of the children are older, but their singular purpose is to get kids into good families.


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